Pricing Information: Fun With Numbers

Building from the datacenter costs, the BBisp is paying $900 monthly for a full 42U rack1 and 1423 US Dosidoes for 20/200 Mbps internet service, for a total of 2323 USD before the 22% VAT which tacks on 511.06 USD for a grand total of 2834.06 USD monthly going to the datacenter.

The Simple Pricing Scheme

For this we take the 2323 USD figure pretax and get our weekly rate for 1U service with internet connectivity.

[12*(2323*2)]/(52*40) = 55752/2080  = 26.8 USD per Rack Unit Week

Everyone gets bolted in, everyone shares the internet pipe.

Itemizing Costs

Let us start with the rack because it is easy:

[12*(900*2)]/(52*40) = 21600/2080 = 10.38 USD per Rack Unit Week

Server gets bolted in and you propose math for making whatever sort of custom connectivity option you desire work out in the forum or in the comments to this post. It gets discussed, checked for sanity, and the results of the deliberation go into the comments of this post with links to the log discussion. Thusly precedents are set, recorded, and may be consulted in the future for the next customer's convenience.

Bonus Time

Your humble Qntra editor posing at his CoWork's museum2 with the historic bag which brought the ISP switch and Qntra server3 out of the Empire's heart.

  1. Of which 40 will be salable because the switch and the router have to live somewhere.  

  2. They call it a "library"  

  3. Space on which is to become available for rent soon  

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