Photos From A Republican Rack

Requests for more porn are open:

The 4 breathable mesh door panels are all like this. The manufacterer was proud enough of this one to stick a logo on it.

Oh hello boxes. The fellow operating the screwdriver was curious about the manufacterer of the Qntra box. I explained I picked out the parts and put it together on my desk. As to be expected "What about the warranty?" was an actual question.

Box butts. Yes, there is space for cold air and light to enter the bottom of the cabinet. No the cabinet is not fitted with fans of its own… yet.

A fan basks in the glow of the mothership

A veritable wall of plastic seperating the hot and cold sides.

Requests for future porn are open. It would be nice if someone could bring a decent white paint marker to Montevideo for the glory of the Republic. As mentioned before in the log being in the basement's basement limits the amount of room under the floor and cooling is provided by monster chillers in aisle chilling among the racks.

They suck in air from the hot aisle and deliver very chilly air to the cold aisle. The flow of hot air into the intake end of the chillers is rapid and readily felt standing in the hot aisle. Spending any appreciable amount of time, say for installing machines and playing with switches, in the hall has a dehydrating effect on the body similar to spending time in an airplane. It is not static electricity hazard dry, but it is enough to make a Gringo chug some water upon return to human environments.

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    • Thank you. Those actually can be had locally. Probably also going to get a rainbow coalition of cables for notating in the book of notes.

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