The Photos From Places Between The Places

The famous statue rusty squares and very flat bronze dogs.

Flat dog 1

Flat dog 2

Statue of Fructosa Rivera in front of the Shopping Entrance to Tres Cruces Shopping and bus terminal. The local lore and official repitions thereof suggest he lead the successful and complete genocide of the native CharrĂșa early in his tenure as first president of Uruguay. A look a many of the poor girls who come from the interior to work in the city strongly suggests that like many things Uruguayan, the completeness of Fructosa's genocide falls far short of the completeness the locals claim.

The parking exit for the National bus terminal at Tres Cruces. Black and yellow is the old taxi color scheme, white and yellow is the new.

Graffiti at a Park in the Tres Cruces neighborhood between where Fast Import was not and where Ok Computers was not. Since the camera was out a fellow strung out on something identified me as a tourist, proceeded to ask if I like cocaine and suggested I wait for his "brother" to meet him. The brother, seeing the hand placement of the tourist that the strung out dork was trying to set up, apologized for his very stupid companion and drug him away before machismo and racismo could happen.

On an electrical service cabinet near where Ok Computers wasn't.


Immediately across the street fromt he electrical cabinet of whining.

Probably the biggest instance of their National Flag.

Between Game Gear and Banicroft the height of the city for substantially shorter.

And finally

Yes, this is a steel reinforced piece of concrete curb which has been peeled up and left on top of the side walk. How this happened, is a mystery to me.

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