Turning 32 In Montevideo

After a roller coaster last few weeks where I have learned a lot about myself and the world, this week has been a great chance to practice "One Day at a Time" while a new management arrangement is working out how to take on the ashes of a venture I was insufficient to birth. At the start of the week I had come to accept my impending voyage home. I just was dreading the act of flying back. My first experience with plane travel was the marathon trip to Uruguay and as homesick as I was to return to human AA meetings and hardware store lyfe… That's a hell of a long way home.

Through late Tuesday there was no noise coming out of the Republic on the ISP question. Reading back, there were a lot of gems that could have been of great value sent back in a time machine capsule to November. When Mircea published his experimental results, being the ruminating thinker that I am no small part of me wondered how much time this experiment had been extended by getting a favorable response to the January statement after finally cracking that Dosiedoes ought to be accounted as tangibles rather than cash.

Sometime after the results were published… mod6 et al began to talk me into staying in Montevideo.┬áParties to the discussion I assume all have logs and their terminal, and corporate communication is a management decision I defer to them. Males are the shy gender and there was a lot of emotion and plopping hairy balls menacingly on the table.

The flow of the conversation was thusly:

  • They had been doing math and were interested in a bailout. I pointedly was not interested in a bailout, but a takeover. In light of my recent lessons on my self management ineffectiveness I had to insist that Mircea's exit offer to go home was actually a kindness.
  • They came around on the idea of a take over.
  • From there followed the matter of how to ensure BingoBoingo as a hired hand is left no worse than he was when management decided to adopt him.
  • The fellowship aspiring to management was put through a necessarily lighter1 version of the inevitable questions which would emerge with their proposal.
  • Focus thus far was on how to keep the thing warm before it expires. The fellowship bought a month of myself and a month of datacenter.

As this was going on, developments in meatspace moved in an encouraging direction as well. It turns out I do actually have friends among the live intellects here. When I felt sure I was on my way out of Montevideo I let the ones, who I felt deserved the notice know. And it turns out that in times of stress this filters out friends from among the friendly people.

Which brings us to the Birthday. I was surprised with an alfajor a candle, and had the opportunity to discuss the shortcomings of the Uruguayos with a fellow refugee from socialism in our respective old countries.

Saturday afternoon an old repair to one of my teeth broke, that same evening arragements were made to repair it.

Things are still one day at a time. I still live in a hostel, and it is increasingly comfortable. Shit isn't so bad when I get out of my own way.

  1. Because I am only me. Just because I recently encounter the blades and survived doesn't mean I have come close to mastery. Humility yes, mastery no.  

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