Notes From Observing A Latino Junkie On Vacation

Today I celebrate the departure of a god damned junkie from my hostel. An illustration to set the stage:

The creature made its nest on the bottom bunk pictured during a happier time, and pulled down blankets from the bunk above to create a crude sort of privacy screen. There the creature spent the majority of its time passed out.

  • The thing's arrival was heralded by the stain turning on and off the room light repeatedly between the hours of 1:00 and 3:00, an anomalously egregious behavior by Latino standards. This was the initial sign the creature carried defects beyond stupidity.
  • Latino junkies appear to be diurnal creatures. Apart from slow clumsy windows of activity from 9:00 through 10:00 and 22:30 through 1:45, the junkie remained sequestered in its den.
  • During periods of activity the junkie lacked fine and gross motor control.
  • Unlike the recreational cannabis users endemic to Uruguay, the IV drug injecting junkie favored an elaborate water pipe.
  • Other latinos nominally attempted socialization with the junkie, largely unaware of the degree of its profoundly ill and nonsapient condition.
  • This naturalist limited interactions with the stain to disapproving glares and grunts. The creature had opportunities to observe myself being cordial with persons. This successfully reinforce Bingo avoiding behavior, and reinforced its lower status.
  • The only physical evidence observed of its IV drug other than the scabby and emaciated condition of its body was a syringe cap located on the floor of the room yesterday.

The thing has now gone. I can't reasonably guess what its intentions were taking a vacation to see all the sights in a bottom bunk, but until I confirmed its departure, I had a growing suspicion it arrived at the hostel to finish dying.

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