Privacy And Other Re-Readings


The chocolates to the left featured amongst the full range of monedas Uruguayo1 were an impulse puchase during today's trip to the servicio to pick up a sandwich. At the time I had no idea if they would be any good or not, but the Uruguaya behind me also picked up a few of them. The locals are very suggestible here. Also very agreeable in the sense that in their desire for acceptance, they are very ready to agree with anything you say until imposes on them personally.


I re-stumbled on Mircea's 2014 piece on the privacy problem today. along with the 2013 notice to the world that he was moving on deeper and into Bitcoin to the exclusion of otras cosas. While the opportunity exists, re-reading has become a priority because in spite of washing up here in 2013, I didn't sober up until late 2015, and at that time Qntra was running at full steam and… Memories exist, but the re-reading has to happen.

Bitcoin price movement, or now more appropriately USD price movement, feels a bit 2013. However in that time entire generations of scammers have come, gone, and been disposed of. Who is still out there calling for the head of Matthew N Wright?

Instead as the interior of Africa and those islands north of France are becoming increasingly indistinct, we have hit the point where Bitcoin is beginning to pass everything else in terms of energy consumption. Beating everything else in terms of math was accomplished happened long ago.

It has been a long walk from vague thoughts of bunkers and other common fever dream delusion that hit with the idea of cryptocurrency to the otherwise mundane life characterised by openness and a lack of generally unfounded concern for privacy much less anonymity.


The chocolates were servicably chocolate. I doubt the mimick behind me in line was disappointed in my choice.

  1. The dark copper colored fellow is 50 pesos, the two-toned fellow is 10 pesos and heavier than the 50 peso coin, the remainder are 1, 2, and 5 pesos in the order their size implies.  

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