Receiving A Guest In Montevideo

While we await the report and pictures from Señor Vulpes, a few quick thoughts on recieving a guest here in Montevideo:

  1. Skipping the hostel was a solid move, it appears the recent hostel pest left some other more familiar pests behind when he departed. War, war never changes.
  2. Many theatics were observed in the wild including the profound changes in body language and posturing that occur in mid-heirarchy Latinos when the boss comes around.
  3. On the morning Señor Vulpes arrived, a cambio in the Montevideo Shopping was robbed. The local papers report 2 Millones (archived), currency unspecified were taken.
  4. Meals ranged the spectrum from gas station sanwiches to steaks at a Parilla.
  5. Only a very small portion of the city by geography was explored on this outing.
  6. Management was subjected viewing an excessive amount of caffeine consumption.
  7. Super Mercado Winn Dixie

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