Growing Disgust

On this holy Sunday, I have to confess my increasing disgust for the local veteranos and veteranas. The 50+ crowd here is one of the greatest detriments to quality of life I have yet encountered in this otherwise habitable country. Every single one of them mouth breathers incapable of walking at anything close to a human speed while get out of the way.

The babushkas and the Sumner Redstones insist on ambling about. What does the zombie apocalypse look like? It looks like the Feria Tristan Narvaja before 11am on Easter Sunday when the living dead are the only bipeds out and about. The raw infirmity of the creatures the local bunnies grow into has a disturbing uncanny valley effect that only increases with continued exposure.

2 thoughts on “Growing Disgust

  1. This reminds me of growing up on That Sandbar in the northeastern us.

    It was essentially a retirement community with ~3 months of explosive tourist activity. The remaining 9 months were much like you describe: ghost town with the majority 50+ crowd clogging up roads (of which there were only 2-3 'main' roads that traversed the entirety of that manmade island), stores and local government.

    As you would expect, the zombified local youth, often bored out of their gourd, have reportedly been increasingly turning to opiates as a means of feeling "something, anything!"

    On the plus side: at least the tourists you get in Montevideo seem moar entertaining than the generic $northeastern-us tourists that Sandbar recieved

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