Remedial Skills: Camera Walk RTFM Edition

Since arriving in Uruguay I have had to confront quite a number of skills I had been taking for granted without putting sufficient effort into developing. Basic stuff like the language of the country where I'd be relocating. Another shortcoming I have been bumping into is photography. I acquired a weather resistant Lumix DMC-TS25 before arrival and neglected to read the fucking manual after putting too much weight on what the "point and shoot" name promises.

To this end having read the manual I went for a walk this morning. Approximately 75% of the shots taken got binned. Here are the survivors:

Romanian Embassy

Looking Across Playa Pocitos towards Punta Carretas

Las Deletras de Montevideo

The letters una nueva vez

More Playa Pocitos

Green Guy

Big Boat


Other Bird

Approaching El Puerto Buceo

The Road portion of the Rambla


Quite a few of them

So many boats

Towers, but fuck them because…

We have got boats!

More green fellows

People tell me all the time "Montevideo doesn't have many birds", truth is they evolved lawn colored camoflage to avoid the Uruguayos

Rock Colored Bird

Go east young man

Birds litter so much

Goodbye boat beach

Hello Towers

Futher practice and skills development is clearly warranted on this front.

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