Collected Gripes

Following the day's lengthy and still developing logs, I figure I ought to collect my gripes, greivances, and ventings for ease of consultation.

  • Uruguay's a nice enough country. The weather doesn't suck and some of the food is amazing, but the Uruguayo people suck. They embrace misery as part of their "national character" and suck the joy out of everything they can.
  • One way in which my quality of life has diminished here is that I can not take a relaxing walk at anytime of the day. None of the Uruguayos walk at a human speed or engages in sane pedestrian behavior. I have a limited selection of hours in which I can walk where there is less traffic, but even then the more space they are given the still more pedestrian behaviors degrade. During the hours sidewalks are empty, the fucking bums are active busking for "una moneda para comer".  I usually finish my walk more pissed off than when I started. Combine this with the lack of human AA, and my baseline mood here fluctuates from dismal to pissed off.
  • Stansilav's disaster free visit was the high point of my time here. Having a live intellect availabile for a prolonged stretch of time was good for the morale.
  • On the other hand Pizarro is still going through growing pains with respect to planning and communication. This manifests in a number of ways including the wealth of spare power cables on hand versus poverty of harder to source spare parts. A number of organizational questions have been tabled since February.
  • Among the questions that got tabled is "How does Bingo get compensated if this thing works?"1
  • You can't trust the cashier with the shortest line is going to have the shortest wait, because all of the Uruguayos make putchases with cards and none of them are equipped in the head to operate the PIN pad.
  • Did I mention I hate the Uruguayos as a people?

  1. In the interest of starting negotiations if management is not opposed to a lump sum of BTC equivalent to 7500 USD in May 2018 for the purpose of replenishing delepted savings from the wild cat adventure, 1 single Integer BTC payable in February 2019 as compensation for putting up with stuped Uruguayo shit an entire year under Pizarro management, and an increase to 35 USD/dayfor the per diem portion of bioallotment calculation. Maybe this is a bit rich, but it illustrates the structure that interests me. I would like reimbursement for past expenditures/suffering at Uruguay hands while at the same time having a pot of gold to look forward to as compensation for continuing to live in retard land.  

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    • I will have to give it a try, especially since mid day when it isn't raining the sun there isn't unbearable the way it was in December.

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