La Ciudad Vieja And Duelling Statues

Today I was in the old city, for some awful reason. I ended up in the barrio early with the camera. Below is the Broze statue of Uruguay's national hero1 placed over his Mausoleum. Below is the Horse's Ass side of the statue. Consider the architecture behind it:

Bronze Horse AssNow the is the Hero's Face side of the Statue. Once again consider the background:

Horse Face

And a bit to the side:


And the background of the face of the National hero is an abolutely ugly mixed residential office building and the bland looking Presidential Palace. All of the historic and interesting buildings on the side of the plaza looking assward.

Also located on the Plaza is the an offensive temple dedicated to fiatist Politically Correct measures.

IBM Uruguay

I however lacked the time and Urgency to investigate if IBM Uruguay was still a going concern.

We have faint investigations of Industrial Activity to investigate.

The lack of Reddit Bags is very disappointing.


The thing about sending intermodal containers to Uruguay is that they only mode they have is arriving on the ship. The commercial trucks here aren't big enough to handle them and the single rail line in the country runs from some shithole in the north of the city to somewhere in the interior.

In the foreground is the type of commercial use vehicle which will be transporting much of that cargo at some point.

Waterfront real estate seized by the local government.

Much better at being a statue than that other guy.

Statue guy's cannon and tiny fort.

And the port keeps on going.

Typical narrow ass old city street.

  1. José Artigas, died in exile in Paraguay. Eventually the Uruguayos claimed his remains.  

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