Draft Pizarro ISP "Good Neighbor Policy" Rewrite

Here is a non-exhaustive list of behavior for which Pizarro will kick customers, refuse refunds, and deny recourse:

  • Monkeying with the LAN (including but not limited to binding to IPs your box was not provisioned with, ARP shenanigans, obvious sniffing)
  • Bandwidth hogging
  • If your intended use of Pizarro services involve activity actively prosecuted by pretend fiat sovereigns, ask if Pizarro is a good fit for your risk profile. We are particularly uninterested in hosting child pornography, the proliferation of which appears to be exclusively conducted by criminal gangs masquerading as law enforcement.
  • Carrying out dubious activity that jeopardizes Pizarro's ability to continue providing internet services1 without first inquiring brings substantial risk of damage to your reputation and ability to participate in commerce at all.

The above are guidelines, non-exhaustive and non-exclusive.

  1. This includes the sending of spam email.  

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