The Real Estate Situation In Montevideo: Part One

Moving for the moment from the Rockchip adventures to a far less usefully documented1 real estate climate in Uruguay. Let us start with what is being sought:

Characteristics Sought

  • Reasonable walking distance to datacenter cabinet, 2 kilometers maximum
  • Balcony, terraza, or other outdoor space2 accessible exclusively3 through the apartment
  • Layout not handicapped by spurious walls or built in furniture preventing civilized kitchen setup
  • Sufficient space to improve the storage and other logistics, ideally can be arranged accomodate the occasional overnight guest that isn't an intimate acquaintance.
  • Securable, not in an especially vulnerable location or design

Now, Uruguay's real estate market has many similarities to Argentina's. Rentals tend to be leased bare and many of the property owners are Argentine. Properties for sale are priced in USD and rentals are priced in pesos, with the exception of pockets near the Puertito Buceo, Punta Carretas, and summer rentals in Punta del Este.4 Rentals priced in dollars are largely Airbnb bait that Airbnd can't drive customers to support.

Above we have a fairly big picture view of the city with vast swaths of poverty cropped out.


Above is a map of the city with even less irrelevant poverty cropped out, but still large swaths of "The City" are missing. Still North of Tres Cruces little matters aside from assorted facilities around Montevideo bay and a narrow corridor leading to the airport in Carrasco which is also cropped out.


Here is a map focused on more relevant areas of the city. North of Avenida General Riviera shit gets poor fast and there are entire streets loaded with zombies that refused to die with dignity. Everything West of Bulevard General Artigas is far enought to guarentee a shitty response time when hands are needed in the datacenter. This leaves Pocitos and the many pocket barrios unlabeled on the map embedded in Pocitos along with a corner of Buceo as focus areas for the search.

As a beach barrio Pocitos has spent the last five years seeing every building possible torn down and replaced by nearly identical 10-12 floor towers of studio apartments just as fast as they can be built in a country where every jobsite loses an ambiguously skilled tradesman at least once a week to parilla duty.5 This has lead to an interesting oversupply phenomenon where an studio apartment with incurable cat piss stench in Pocitos and the less desirable, further Cordón barrio will have the same rent ~13000 pesos monthly. For an extra 1500 pesos monthly in Pocitos you see new constuction studios with built in appliances and the foundation of a useful kitchen. In Cordón those extra pesos get a "penthouse" studio apartment with an incurable cat piss stench, and no framework for a kitchen.

Meanwhile looking the other direction towards Buceo reveals a pocket of USD priced hopes and dreams near the Puertito and narrower space between the river and the poverty line which conveniently follows Avenida General Riviera. Buceo has rental ads for studio apartments similar to Pocitos except the apartments will lack a balcony, be full of Latino flavored plasticrap reflecting history as a failed Airbnb rental, and request substantially more each month for rent.

In the next Part: What happens when you start talking to people

  1. To install mysql 'emerge –ask mysql' worked after trying the same with MariaDB failed.  

  2. A hygiene necessity in this climate.  

  3. Security consideration  

  4. Punta del Este is a special sort of hellhole 90 kilometers east of Montevideo. Located where the water turns from mostly riverine to saline it is home to jellyfish agua malas and a population similar to Columbia, Missouri during the summer. When summer ends its population drops to match any given suburb of Columbia, Missouri.  

  5. Yes, depending on the size of the jobsite no less than once a week someone will be paid as an ambiguously skilled tradesman to operate a parilla the entirety of the shift. On large sites this can happen every day. On very large sites every trade on the site might have a member operating a parilla. 

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