Visiting Some Real Estates In Montevideo

Let's start with a familiar face:

And follow with why you don't want street access in this geriatric country:

This rectangular bollard full of snake plants was installed less that two months ago in front of the Uruguay's first Starbucks. Its puspose was to provide a separation between the McDonald's drive through and a tiny Starbuck's patio. I was not there to witness how it came to this, but I am rather certain the reason was too Uruguayo to be trusted operating a motor vehicle.

With today's pictures out of the way let me rewind one week:

After disqualifying a number of Agencies and Property owners for wanton retardation, I managed to find an agency with two studio apartments less than a kilometer from the datacenter. I arranged a viewing of the apartments.

The first was incredibly close to the datacenter. Second floor apartment, large terraza. But… The whole of that building seemed to have taken on the odor of two kinds of smoke and catpiss. And for some awful reason there was a leaking garbage disposal with drip pan attached to the kitchen sink's drain, but no provision for actually setting up a kitchen in the kitchen.

It was a short walk in the rain to the second apartment. This building was substantially newer, but not the newest on the block. It appears that this building was a clear victim of the oversupply problem with its incredibly convenient but not retard obvious convenient location dinging its marketability. The 35 square meter unit I viewed had two countertops with a built in oven and cooktop, a use of space that likely diminished the property's appeal to the locals.1 Many smaller apartments in the 25 to 28 square meter range of still newer construction were listed for more, the majority of them likely to find use next summer by the lovely ladies that do the college girl/working girl split to their year. All of the bigger apartments of similar distance list for quite a bit more.

Tomorrow I plan to return, take some measurements, and move forward with the aim of occupying the space by the end of June.

  1. The popular local kitchen setup consists of an electric kettle, microwave, and either a toaster oven or hotplate.  

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