6 Months In Montevideo: Finding A Clean Place

Let us start with a picture I forgot I had taken inside a municipal building. Floor 22 of the Intendencia to be exact.

Income only in case of emergency

If the Intendencia happens to catch fire while viewing the city from the Mirador you had better have a source of income for the emergency stairs.

On to some things that sell me on this particular hotel room sized space in Montevideo. Where Argentinos bid up the real estate they won't touch in their country.

No puddles! No Drip Pans

No puddles, no drip pans, the kitchen sink has a healthy trap no previous tenant has destroyed installing a drain clogging pipe blender.

Hello Candy, other Candy, and glass backsplash.

Holy Shit! Other Candy is stuffed full of instruction manual.

La sala de calefon.

Mi Mochila, la cocina, y la chica de la Agencia.

The blank slate.

For hygiene below.

For hygiene above.

For hygiene in between.

The comfort device.

Well hinged cabinets.

Drawers, they all open and close.

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