If Not One Thing The Other

Having survived a close encounter with pneumonia last month, this country made yet another attempt on my life as I slept last night. This time via the orc communication device.

No battery bloat, just a MicroUSB port that appear to have been in tramite to ignite that battery. The phone still works as of the time of this writing. Can't be recharged without at the very least replacing the MicroUSB port with one that doesn't have contacts covered by char and plastic.

Orc contacts recovered and a replacement communication device was put into service earlier today.

Humidity related short?

Over the air update to add murder mode?

2 thoughts on “If Not One Thing The Other

  1. Modern "smartphones" are too slender to pack c4 in, ala Yahya Ayyash. Israel was once rumored to be developing smartphones that delivered targeted payload of polonium via ota update, so might be worth running a Geiger counter over the top of all devices. One can't be too sure these days.

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