The Most Patriotic I Have Ever Seen The Uruguayos

Today Uruguay won their first game of this World Cup, a 0-1 victory over Egypt which until nearly the end of the game looked like it could have ended a 0-0 draw as is typical of their beloved sport. With Egypt out of the way Uruguay should put up a double digit score again Saudi Arabia, win against Russia by at least one goal, and enter elimination play well positioned to make a deep run with the semi finals being a more likely outcome than a first round elimination. And…

Las Hinchas Piden Cuarto!

Incapable of ambition the population of this country has settled on THE QUARTER FINALS as their goal! Not win it all… not like they haven't done that twice already in 1930 and 1950. Out of the field of 32 making it to the last 8 is enough for your standardized Hincha Uruguaya. The 25th percentile is should be good enough for anyone, shouldn't it?

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