Settling Into Apartment Life

Having moved out of the hostel and into the new Pizarro habitation module, life goes on. After the intercontinental move to Uruguay which required 21 hours in airplanes and airports, moving down the street is proving to be quite an adjustment given the comparatively trivial distance involved by comparison. Going from a room where I wouldn't always wake up with the same company I went to sleep with to a locking door where no one else gets in without an invitation.

There are small things I miss. The giant pot of coffee at all hours, daily cleaning. There are bigger things as well, the rotating cast of characters out of which the occasional visitor was interesting. The rapport with the staff survives and I will be returning there in the morning for the game.

There are things I won't miss. Brasileros requesting the heat be cranked up to summer daytime temperatures at night in the winter… Recently that could do a number on the sleep. A small number of the vistors were nuissances. Some were profound nuissances.

The shift has bit of a disorienting change.


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