Casa Boingo – A Photo Tour

It's been more than a month since I picked up the keys and nearly a month since I started sleeping here exclusively. Lets see how far this place has come since it was last photographed.

The sofa cama as it was delivered one month ago. I was very surprised the delivery folk did not stick around to unwrap it and keep the protective sheet pictured here.

The kitchen with all of its glossy hard surfaces is clean. The stove top has seen frequent use with the pot and the pan, but the oven has yet to see much use. I have been trying to maintain a hostel style beakfast spead near the Jarra Electrica, but at the moment it is lacking fruit and a tub of dulce de leche.

Where the fiber comes in. It was all rolled up inside the wall for the installer who replaced the boring wall plate that covered it with the current one that cautions against live lasers. The device catching the laser is intentionally not pictured.

From Harry going clockwise: The balcony with 1 of 3 red chairs of an ubiquitous local style the Chicoms shipping here describe as "Eames", The Aire Acondicionado, The sofa cama1 with blankets, we skip some empty floor and built in dining table/desk, we return to the bags I continue to live out of, and finally we see mounted to the wall the girl distraction and intercultural dialogue device.

More of the bags, boots, wall screen, Harry, and the broom.

Building a civilized kitchen and building up the office are the biggest areas for ongoing improvement. It was only yesterday that doubled sided wall mounting tape capable of supporting a whiteboard returned to store shelves which means it is time to find a giant whiteboard. A second sleepable surface is also on the list when a non-intimate overnight guest books.

  1. Initially it was taller, but the factory legs were unsuited to supporting enthusiasm. Replacement of the legs with a superior design is on the list of things to do. As is typical of local products hit and miss happen with in the same item. Otherwise solidly constructed this piece of furniture came with legs of a yet to be unidentified wood that failed to hold onto the retaining threads when lateral force was introduced.  

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