Bingo Blog is BingoBoingo's blog. BingoBoingo is not to be confused with OingoBoingo.

I am making this blog because I am tired of writing the same things in chat over and over to Bitcoin newcomers. As time goes on I'll probably write things aimed at people who need to lurk moar and read moar. I'll also write about things as they happen so I have a record of having written them, mostly I'll do this about things that interest me though so expect little Bitcoin Foundation and Press Release wankery here.

For anyone who might be excited about this site becoming a thing, consider this a soft launch of the blog. It might stay at a soft launch for a while. Or I could get bored and just do other things but encouragement to keep up this venture may generously be directed to 17sTosfHxNzGD4VUP3pjoHCEVofzSEcL95