Fui al cine

The mall casino. Once again sycamore trees in front and palm trees closer to the edificio. Entry here will have to wait, instead I went yesterday to the cinema to see an American film dubbed into Spanish as an exploration of the abuse old country is heaping onto the freer world.

The cinema in Montevideo shopping is not like the cinema in the US. Once you have your ticket here you do something else until five minutes for the film when they allow you into your seat. Seat selection occurs via a touch screen device of dubious utility.

The film was a USG.Disney propaganda piece where Norse dieties were constanly one upped by the supposed heroics of the B&G Foods Jolly Green Giant.

The adventures continue!


The Midwestern Rube Visits La Rambla

In other, further walks:

Steel and glass

Not a very tall city, but big in its own way.

Sycamore trees again, this time featuring Uruguayan lawncare

I have never seen house plants grow so big outdoors, usually the frost does them in.

First time seeing the water from the ground. Apparently the pleasant pervasive smell underlying everything else is the plata.

Urbanity in the contemporary capital city.1

The buceo port. A mix of the shiny.

And the listing

El Museo Naval, will require further investigation. Why such an aggressive posture towards La Rambla?

Un perro bueno. Montevideo has many good dogs, running free. Most have the patience to socialize, but this fellow clearly has places to go.

The lawn weeds here appear to be novel, this is the first time I have seen a succulent lawn weed much less one that apparently has defeated the mower.

From one side of Pocitos to the other

Possible gang message

La playa. The pigeons here are… darker than back home.

When I say the local dogs are good dogs, I mean they all were obeying this sign.

  1. Near this section of the rambla a motor scooter converying a dork approached me from behind then veered off as I stepped aside and turned. A local helpfully insisted this was an attempted bag snatching, a suspicion I was operating off of when breaking friendly gringo face to induce scooter swerving.  

The Midwestern Rube Arrives In Uruguay

Turns out air travel is tedious and boring, who would have thunk it.

Somewhere in the Caribean I remembered I packed a camera.

Unknown city, Central America.

The desk comes with rooftop access.

This makes checking directions nearby possible in a corner of the world where 31 years of experience with the sun being in the same track is a liability.


+ Brushing

Among the other foreign flora is the familiar sycamore tree, so very many sycamore trees.

The Boingo ISP (TBI) November 2017 Statement

TBI Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Foreign Exchange  11
 Total  0  Total  1
Leperolade Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Foreign Exchange 7842 Plane Ticket 1285
Network Switch 812
Server 444
Rent 311
Total 7842 Total 2852
TBI Assets
Account 1.11.17 Net Change 1.12.17
Cash 1 1 0
Leperolade 0 4990 4990

From the 1 Bitcoin traded in foreign exchange for 7842 units of a rapidly depreciating altcoin:2 812 were spent on a network switch, 444 were spent on a prototype Basic box and probable future Qntra server, 311 were spent on December rent for a fiscal address, and 1285 were spent on a one way ticket to Montevideo via Copa airlines economy class. This leaves 4990 altcoins for the gangster roll.3

During the month of November significant movement was made toward the
cause of bringing The Boingo ISP online before the end of 2017.4 Upon arriving in Montevideo December 6th the work of meeting people, securing an abogado, and establishing a corporate identity will begin. In addition to ongoing conversations with representatives of the datacenter, coworking facility,5 and hostel there are ongoing social conversations with locals identified on varioua networking sites for screening as potential contacts of value.6

In the next month TBI is expected to continue to make expenses and revenue is a possibility. Two persons have expressed interest in occupying 6 rack units of space thus far.

  1. One Bitcoin traded for 7842 units of an altcoin at the sole investor's suggestion to assemble a gangster roll and establish presence physical presence in Montevideo. 

  2. In particular the United States dollar which fell from 7833 to the Bitcoin on November 17th to ~11000 to the Bitcoin 12 days later. Notably this lesson in foreign exchange risk was learned illustrating an important point Mircea Popescu made during a November 15th conversation on billing schemes. 

  3. I am loathe to list these tangibles firmly under the category of assets due to the difficulty of assiging them a value in Bitcoin. For the time being their are noted as Republican accounting continues to developed. Comments and beatings are both welcome and necessary.  

  4. Activities to this end were described in updates on November 16th and November 22nd  

  5. Source of the fiscal address and locking storage  

  6. Screening potential contacts of value is likely to become far more productive when prescence allows surveying the local meatspace. 

And The Arrangements Continue

The extent to which further arrangements can meaningfully be made towards bringing The Boingo ISP online from my present location are nearing their exhaustion. Work is proceeding on the logistics of establishing presence in Montevideo,1 and from there hopefully online soon. The last estimate proposed being online by December 15th, however reports are that LACNIC's time to assign an IP address block after submitting a formal application is two weeks. Thusly there is a time between incorporation/submitting the IP address allotment application and brining TBI online where The Republic and its followers will be graced with the adventures of the consumate Midwestern Rube's international travel, with pictures. Whether the Rube is to be the colonist or the colonized remains an open question to be settled once the meat meets the streets.

This however means going online by December 15th may require the intervention of good fortune, but online by Christmas is possible. Not being online this year would be a disappointment.

  1. Departing on the morning before Krampusnacht  

TBI Mid November Update

Arrangements are being made to bring The Boingo ISP online in the first half of December. Here's the short of it:

  • Datacenter located in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Our connectivity will begin with a 100 Mbps dedicated connection to the rack
  • The price to rent a RU of space from TBI to home customer provided equipment is looking to be 61.615 USd weekly per RU or 267 USd monthly per RU on an annual contract
  • This has been arrived at by taking the cost of renting the rack1, breaking it into 40 rack units available for rent, and making the rest of the expenses fit into 2x that rate.
  • Fiat side organized as a Sociedad Anónima
  • Number Crunching continues
  • ~19,000 USd equivalent value expected to be spent between now and December 15th bringing TBI online as of the latest number crunching2

Miscellaneous Selling Points:

  • I sleep less than 2 km from datacenter
  • Thankfully VAT is not appearing to be applied to the export sale of services
  • I am happy to cooperate with all lords of the Republic on their own ISP efforts.3

Inquiries of all kinds are welcome while the number crunching continues.

  1. 5335 USd after 22% VAT 

  2. This number goes up by $priceofMachine for every machine customers would like TBI to supply  

  3. Being located in a Mercosur jurisdiction, this means that any lords with the patience to try cracking the nut that is Brazil are welcome to any assistance which may smooth their struggle.  

TBI October 2017 Report

Hash: SHA512

I, Aaron "BingoBoingo" Rogier, an individual (identified by GPG
fingerprint ADD7A9A28F85E5EF1F51904F309BB8D7F3251143), attempting to
cling to the lordship have in the month of October sent solicitations
to 56 datacenter operators via email, and ended the month 11 ongoing
conversations with operators, and have recieved one quote for services.
[Datacenters confirmed to be subsidiaries of ISPs including Telestra,
Level 3, and Equinix are excluded from these figures] The most
promising leads are in Hong Kong and Brazil.

The script began the month as:

"I am seeking datacenter quotes in your region for an internet services
business. We are seeking to begin with a one year lease on a 42U
cabinet with 14.4KW of power, a 24 Gbit link with full international
connectivity, and a C block of ipv4 addresses.

Please email with a quote and pricing information
along with any other pertinent information you find makes the case for
choosing your datacenter.

Kind Regards,
Aaron Rogier"

And the script ended the month as:

"I am seeking quotes for datacenter services for an upcoming internet
services business. We are seeking to begin with a year lease on a rack.
We are also considering a few data center providers in Brazil, but the
[location] government's friendlier attitude towards entrepreneurship
makes [location] a very attractive place to do business.

We are looking for:
	1. One 42 U Rack (to colocate as many servers as we can fit
	within a sane heat envelope) 
	2. 6 to 7  Kva power to the rack
	3. A 10 Gbps minimum or preferably a 20 Gbps internet connection
	(as two bonded 10 Gbps links) to the network switch on the
	rack, data transfer billed in a customary 95th percentile
arrangement or at a reasonable rate per Terabyte is acceptable.
	4. One C block of IPv4 addresses (256 contiguous addresses)

Please email me with any questions or to
submit a quote. Feel free to ask questions, it would be very nice if
you could offer pricing information by the end of the week. I look
forward to hearing from you and seeing what your data center can offer.

Kind Regards,
Aaron Rogier"

It has been learned:
   -Large swaths of South East Asia including the "Tiger" economies
have been discovered void of independent datacenters with any
measurable international internet conenctivity -The UAE is dominated by
Equinix and American ISPs dominate the Middle Eastern Market

After recieving a quote from an independent datacenter in Sao Paulo
Brazil, 17 small law firms near the datacenter were contacted and
unknown larger number of firms were contacted through a referral
service. This effort has resulted in referrals to two "business
hosting" companies. Outreach to a member of the WoT local to the
location resulted in referrals to two accounting firms offering similar
"business hosting" arrangements.

One bitcoin of capital was advanced by Mircea "mircea_popescu" Popescu,
an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C529
66FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452), leaving this venture with 1 BTC in cash, and
1 BTC of debt.


The Boingo ISP Draft Charter

Drafts will be posted here for comment until there's one worth chartering:

In order to serve the Republic's need to home servers, I, Aaron "BingoBoingo" Rogier, an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint ADD7A9A28F85E5EF1F51904F309BB8D7F3251143), an Internet Service Provider in the jurisdiction of The Most Serene Republic, the only sovereign.[1] The venture known as 'The Boingo ISP' (TBI) plans to begin operations by the end of 2017.

Mircea "mircea_popescu" Popescu, an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C529 66FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452) graciously committed 1 BTC of capital towards this effort, repayable in service charges or convertible to equity. [2]

As such TBI's balance is as follows:

Assets: 1 Bitcoin (cash)

Liabilities: 1 Bitcoin (advance payment)

Over the next month TBI is expected to realize no income and make expenditures on the way to becoming operational. Once this charter has been recorded to the Bitcoin blockchain, TBI will be open to solicitations from citizens of the Republic in my L2 or Mircea Popescu's L1.

[1] Actions on the part of TBI or its operators which happen to coincide with the guidelines set out by any fiat would be sovereign are to be understood as either courtesy or coincidence

[2] In the worst case convertible to a one year guaranteed note

Lesser Than North Korea Joins China In Banning ICO Fad: Ether Prices Drop With News

With South, Lesser Korea apparently becoming the latest collection of Asians to frown upon predatory pump and dump "Initial Coin Offering" scamily, Ether prices have fallen leaving defeated huffers with hiccups and agitated delerium. In its short pseudo life so far, the only application built on Ethereum with any staying power have been Asians turning Ether tokens into alt-tokens and selling them to other Asians on a promise that if enough suckers pre-buy the alt-tokens they just might end up holding tokens.

Trump Teaches GOP Senators Importance Of Selling By Example, Learns Limits Of His Brand

Great Again candidate Roy Moore defeated legacy GOP candidate Luther Strange in a runoff primary for a December special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Luther Strange had received an endorsement from US President Donald Trump who recognized Strange's cooperation with Trump's attempts at working with the legacy GOP controlled Senate. Against President Trump's limited endorsement of Strange was the endorsement of Roy Moore by Steve Bannon, the architect of President Trump's electoral success. Roy Moore was further endorsed by President Trump who announced his intention to enthusiastically campaign for Moore in the event Moore came out on top in the runoff.

There are lessons here:

  1. The Trump brand itself doesn't sell, not to the point that it can overcome the downside of the legacy GOP against the Great Again brand of social conservatism and economic populism that got Trump elected.
  2. Trump got to show that selling a candidate with the enthusiasm legacy Senate GOP leaders "sold" Trump's legislative agenda isn't selling at all.
  3. The Great Again platform that got Trump elected is going to be FAR more painful for the legacy GOP socialists than the "Tea Party" episode was.