The Boingo ISP (TBI) November 2017 Statement

TBI Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Foreign Exchange  11
 Total  0  Total  1
Leperolade Incoming and Outgoing
Incoming Outgoing
Description Value Description Value
Foreign Exchange 7842 Plane Ticket 1285
Network Switch 812
Server 444
Rent 311
Total 7842 Total 2852
TBI Assets
Account 1.11.17 Net Change 1.12.17
Cash 1 1 0
Leperolade 0 4990 4990

From the 1 Bitcoin traded in foreign exchange for 7842 units of a rapidly depreciating altcoin:2 812 were spent on a network switch, 444 were spent on a prototype Basic box and probable future Qntra server, 311 were spent on December rent for a fiscal address, and 1285 were spent on a one way ticket to Montevideo via Copa airlines economy class. This leaves 4990 altcoins for the gangster roll.3

During the month of November significant movement was made toward the
cause of bringing The Boingo ISP online before the end of 2017.4 Upon arriving in Montevideo December 6th the work of meeting people, securing an abogado, and establishing a corporate identity will begin. In addition to ongoing conversations with representatives of the datacenter, coworking facility,5 and hostel there are ongoing social conversations with locals identified on varioua networking sites for screening as potential contacts of value.6

In the next month TBI is expected to continue to make expenses and revenue is a possibility. Two persons have expressed interest in occupying 6 rack units of space thus far.

  1. One Bitcoin traded for 7842 units of an altcoin at the sole investor's suggestion to assemble a gangster roll and establish presence physical presence in Montevideo. 

  2. In particular the United States dollar which fell from 7833 to the Bitcoin on November 17th to ~11000 to the Bitcoin 12 days later. Notably this lesson in foreign exchange risk was learned illustrating an important point Mircea Popescu made during a November 15th conversation on billing schemes. 

  3. I am loathe to list these tangibles firmly under the category of assets due to the difficulty of assiging them a value in Bitcoin. For the time being their are noted as Republican accounting continues to developed. Comments and beatings are both welcome and necessary.  

  4. Activities to this end were described in updates on November 16th and November 22nd  

  5. Source of the fiscal address and locking storage  

  6. Screening potential contacts of value is likely to become far more productive when prescence allows surveying the local meatspace. 

And The Arrangements Continue

The extent to which further arrangements can meaningfully be made towards bringing The Boingo ISP online from my present location are nearing their exhaustion. Work is proceeding on the logistics of establishing presence in Montevideo,1 and from there hopefully online soon. The last estimate proposed being online by December 15th, however reports are that LACNIC's time to assign an IP address block after submitting a formal application is two weeks. Thusly there is a time between incorporation/submitting the IP address allotment application and brining TBI online where The Republic and its followers will be graced with the adventures of the consumate Midwestern Rube's international travel, with pictures. Whether the Rube is to be the colonist or the colonized remains an open question to be settled once the meat meets the streets.

This however means going online by December 15th may require the intervention of good fortune, but online by Christmas is possible. Not being online this year would be a disappointment.

  1. Departing on the morning before Krampusnacht  

TBI October 2017 Report

Hash: SHA512

I, Aaron "BingoBoingo" Rogier, an individual (identified by GPG
fingerprint ADD7A9A28F85E5EF1F51904F309BB8D7F3251143), attempting to
cling to the lordship have in the month of October sent solicitations
to 56 datacenter operators via email, and ended the month 11 ongoing
conversations with operators, and have recieved one quote for services.
[Datacenters confirmed to be subsidiaries of ISPs including Telestra,
Level 3, and Equinix are excluded from these figures] The most
promising leads are in Hong Kong and Brazil.

The script began the month as:

"I am seeking datacenter quotes in your region for an internet services
business. We are seeking to begin with a one year lease on a 42U
cabinet with 14.4KW of power, a 24 Gbit link with full international
connectivity, and a C block of ipv4 addresses.

Please email with a quote and pricing information
along with any other pertinent information you find makes the case for
choosing your datacenter.

Kind Regards,
Aaron Rogier"

And the script ended the month as:

"I am seeking quotes for datacenter services for an upcoming internet
services business. We are seeking to begin with a year lease on a rack.
We are also considering a few data center providers in Brazil, but the
[location] government's friendlier attitude towards entrepreneurship
makes [location] a very attractive place to do business.

We are looking for:
	1. One 42 U Rack (to colocate as many servers as we can fit
	within a sane heat envelope) 
	2. 6 to 7  Kva power to the rack
	3. A 10 Gbps minimum or preferably a 20 Gbps internet connection
	(as two bonded 10 Gbps links) to the network switch on the
	rack, data transfer billed in a customary 95th percentile
arrangement or at a reasonable rate per Terabyte is acceptable.
	4. One C block of IPv4 addresses (256 contiguous addresses)

Please email me with any questions or to
submit a quote. Feel free to ask questions, it would be very nice if
you could offer pricing information by the end of the week. I look
forward to hearing from you and seeing what your data center can offer.

Kind Regards,
Aaron Rogier"

It has been learned:
   -Large swaths of South East Asia including the "Tiger" economies
have been discovered void of independent datacenters with any
measurable international internet conenctivity -The UAE is dominated by
Equinix and American ISPs dominate the Middle Eastern Market

After recieving a quote from an independent datacenter in Sao Paulo
Brazil, 17 small law firms near the datacenter were contacted and
unknown larger number of firms were contacted through a referral
service. This effort has resulted in referrals to two "business
hosting" companies. Outreach to a member of the WoT local to the
location resulted in referrals to two accounting firms offering similar
"business hosting" arrangements.

One bitcoin of capital was advanced by Mircea "mircea_popescu" Popescu,
an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C529
66FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452), leaving this venture with 1 BTC in cash, and
1 BTC of debt.


The Boingo ISP Draft Charter

Drafts will be posted here for comment until there's one worth chartering:

In order to serve the Republic's need to home servers, I, Aaron "BingoBoingo" Rogier, an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint ADD7A9A28F85E5EF1F51904F309BB8D7F3251143), an Internet Service Provider in the jurisdiction of The Most Serene Republic, the only sovereign.[1] The venture known as 'The Boingo ISP' (TBI) plans to begin operations by the end of 2017.

Mircea "mircea_popescu" Popescu, an individual (identified by GPG fingerprint 6160E1CAC8A3C529 66FD76998A736F0E2FB7B452) graciously committed 1 BTC of capital towards this effort, repayable in service charges or convertible to equity. [2]

As such TBI's balance is as follows:

Assets: 1 Bitcoin (cash)

Liabilities: 1 Bitcoin (advance payment)

Over the next month TBI is expected to realize no income and make expenditures on the way to becoming operational. Once this charter has been recorded to the Bitcoin blockchain, TBI will be open to solicitations from citizens of the Republic in my L2 or Mircea Popescu's L1.

[1] Actions on the part of TBI or its operators which happen to coincide with the guidelines set out by any fiat would be sovereign are to be understood as either courtesy or coincidence

[2] In the worst case convertible to a one year guaranteed note

Trump Teaches GOP Senators Importance Of Selling By Example, Learns Limits Of His Brand

Great Again candidate Roy Moore defeated legacy GOP candidate Luther Strange in a runoff primary for a December special election to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions. Luther Strange had received an endorsement from US President Donald Trump who recognized Strange's cooperation with Trump's attempts at working with the legacy GOP controlled Senate. Against President Trump's limited endorsement of Strange was the endorsement of Roy Moore by Steve Bannon, the architect of President Trump's electoral success. Roy Moore was further endorsed by President Trump who announced his intention to enthusiastically campaign for Moore in the event Moore came out on top in the runoff.

There are lessons here:

  1. The Trump brand itself doesn't sell, not to the point that it can overcome the downside of the legacy GOP against the Great Again brand of social conservatism and economic populism that got Trump elected.
  2. Trump got to show that selling a candidate with the enthusiasm legacy Senate GOP leaders "sold" Trump's legislative agenda isn't selling at all.
  3. The Great Again platform that got Trump elected is going to be FAR more painful for the legacy GOP socialists than the "Tea Party" episode was.

Introducing the TMSR agriCultural Supremacy Project

I, the good lord BingoBoingo in celebration of 18 months of continuous sobriety am opening a challenge to my fellow Lords and other Republicans interested in advancing the continued domination of The Most Serene Republic in all cultural endeavors by turning towards the agriCultural.

The challenge is simple. Grow some veggies, enter them in the local county fair, and win. Document the journey and the glory.

Is So Unfair Cycle 10

After putting on some of the gloves James kept to adminster Elliot's medical care, Elliot tied James up with some bondage rope the party left and taped over James' mouth. Elliot had no idea if or when James would come to. Elliot, still unsteady after his, now largely self imposed, bed confinement took some time as he gathered materials.

A knife, some sewing thread, superglue, a flat screwdriver, Elliot had located much of the basics when James seemed to be rousing.

"Aihe Koht Ahhhns OKh Ooo" Elliot then broke into a coughing spasm. Elliot's Charles Atlas inspired physical therapy apparently did nothing for his vocal cords. Elliot noted this deficiency and set that he would practice speaking later in private so he could ones again call all of the things the things that they were.

Elliot then sat in James' computer chair and began Googling to check the Powerball and Mega Millions jackpots because it had after all been so long. Satisfied that the Jackpots were sufficiently high Elliot began his work to transform James.

Elliot started with the throat. With the acumen of a third grader playing with frogs in the yard Elliot used his fingers to locate where in James the vibrations which Elliot wanted to call the vibrations of his muffled screams were originating. Elliot started with a small slit, but ended up making a semi rounded opening when the trachea proved too tough to hold open with his fingers. Elliot superglued the edges of the opening to stop the bleeding. Satisfied he had room to work Elliot glued a bit of sandpaper to the end of a pencil and destroyed James' vocal cords. When the bleeding became too much he stopped the bleeding with some tweezers, toilet paper, and more glue. Elliot stole the voice that James stole from him.

Now for the important part. For James' lie Elliot would make James a girl as Elliot understood girl.

Elliot began by rubber banding James' testicles and penis. Elliot kept applying rubber bands until a deep shade of purple was achieved. Satisfied Elliot began suturing underneath the clotting mess. Then began the big cut.

Elliot started at anus and moved forward to the base of the rubber bands. It was a shallow cut. The last thing Elliot wanted was for James to die. Elliot willed James to live. Elliot continued making shallow incisions one on top the other and feeling for major blood vessels that would present a hazard in sliced. After each new venture deeper Elliot sealed his progress with toilet paper and superglue.

Eventually Elliot hit the urinary bladder. Elliot began feeling accomplished. He had given James the cloaca he was so sure he had seen on the girl. Elliot then took off James' former genitals with a quick slice and proceeded to carry out the last bit of detail work to stop the bleeding.

James remained awake the whole time. Elliot addressed his tormentor.

"huerrkl, ahyeui krrrreh huerk,k,k,k" And another coughing fit.

Elliot tired from the hours it took to engirl James surrendered to Google for the next part and gave James a screwdriver lobotomy. James left eye did not survive the procedure at Elliot's unsteady hands, and so when Elliot packed the wound with still more toilet paper and glue he drew on the dressing to make it look vaguely eye-ish. Elliot was more careful on the right side.

Elliot then very gingerly positioned James so that he could get to his back. Elliot once again took the screwdriver and place the tip at the base of James' neck. Three whacks with the hammer and Elliot was satisfied.

Before leaving the place of his imprisonment Elliot put on some clothes and filled a backpack with more clothes and 95,000 United States dollars of James' ill gotten cash.

Elliot began the long walk to Arizona. He left the door unlocked behind him.

A Tale Of Two Papers

Today a Qntricle was published. Lets very unfairly compare how the Grey lady with a Rabbit Hat covered the story leading up to this while Joseph Pulitzer's own paper didn't really.

On May 19th Qntra and the St Louis Post Dispatch both report on Monsanto's embargo of Dicamba resistant soybean seeds to Argentina. The St Louis Post dispatch runs a wire piece from Reuters1 that talks about how Monsanto has serious opportunities in Brazil and generally the thing reads like a press release because it is. On the other hand Qntra reported the dispute including information on what Dicamba was and what it has to do with soybeans and Argentina.

On July 28th Qntra covers the emerging Dicamba Drift Disaster. The glyphosate resistant weed problem, the weather, and desperation of farmers to not lose too much money this year feature. The impending regulatory clusterfuck and torts are the star.

August 4th, Joe's paper catches up to Qntra on crop damage. The Post Dispatch piece's author asserts that Dicamba, born in 1942, is the future.

August 5th, Qntra reports tree stands likely damaged by Dicamba and doubles down on torts to come.

August 14th, Joe's paper catches up on tree damage telling the tale of one poor peach farmer, still underestimating the full scope of this disaster.

August 15th, All that's left to fill in are the details that follow.

Your loss, I'm very sorry for it.

  1. Incidentally Monsanto is headquartered in the Saint Louis suburb of Creve Coeur making this seem extraordinarily lazy on their part.  

The Theoretical Foundation of Social Engineering Practice

Not that long ago a problem was identified. Interest was expressed in an explanation of the problem. This is an attempt at the explaining.


To get to the root of how this problem is in the now, we have to go to a time before now.

Henry Brokmeyer, whose originating energy among the St. Louis Hegelians was now being felt everywhere in Cambridge, had his first exposure to Hegel around 1848, When Brokmeyer was a student at Brown Uiversity and Frederic Hedge was the Unitarian minister in Providence. Hedge had printed short but well-chosen bits from Hegel in his 1847 Prose Writers of Germany; Brokmeyer would have seen there Hegel's electrifying claim, a claim that also caught Walt Whitman's eye, that "the history of the world is the progress in the consciousness of freedom … The scheme is this: the oriental world knew that one is free [that is, the ruler]; the Greek and Roman world knew that some are free [the ruling classes]; but we know that all men, in their true nature, are free, that man, as man, is free"1

Time goes on. In 1858 Brokmeyer acquires a disciple in William Torrey Harris. These two men took the writings of Hegel and built a religious social reform movement out of Hegel's writing in much the same way many other religious persons in the American continent have done before and after them. Like some other religious reformers they managed to occupy local political offices for some time. Brokmeyer was Lieutenant and then acting Missouri governor. Harris was assistant St. Louis superintendent of schools.

After the war of Northern Aggression the Hegelians in St. Louis were sufficiently rooted that they would invite esteemed speakers of the time, like Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1867, to preach at them. This is not atypical behavior among religious reformers.

The philosophical program then emerging in St. Louis was a serious, extended, civic-minded effort to address the problems growing out of the Civil War [sic] and Reconstruction, and the destiny of of America and the place of St. Louis in it, by applying Hegelian thought  specifically Hegelian dialectic to them all

Brockmeyer identified the position of the American South as that of "abstract right"; the North's position he considered "abstract morality." The synthesis would be a new "ethical state," a new union emerging from the tragic conflict.2

In the 1870's this group of religious reformers migrated from St. Louis, the gateway to America's frontier to Cambridge, Massachusetts. There they set down roots at Harvard and MIT,  the gateway to America's political "elite".


Although I did not see it at first, I soon found that it was in each case nothing but the abstract genus of which the conflicting terms were opposite species. In other words, although the flood of ontologic emotion was Hegelian through and through, the ground for it was nothing but the world-old principle that things are the same only so far and not farther that they are the same, or partake of a common nature — the principle that Hegel most tramples under foot. At the same time the rapture of beholding a process that was infinite, changed (as the nature of the infinitude was realized by the mind) in to the sense of a dreadful and ineluctable fate, with whose magnitude every finite effort is incommensurable and in the light of which watever happens is indifferent. This instantaneous revulsion of mood from rapture to horror is, perhaps, the strongest emotion I have ever experienced. I got it repeatedly when the inhalation was continued long enough to produce incipient nausea; and I cannot but regard it as the normal and the inevitable outcome of the intoxication, if sufficiently prolonged. A pessimistic fatalism, depth within depth of impotence and indifference, reason and silliness united, not in a higher synthesia, but in the fact that whichever you choose it is all one — this is the upshot of a revelation that began so rosy bright.3

The popular is frequently intellectually inaccessible to particular individuals. William James personally struggled deeply with the concept of faith4 and similarly struggled with accepting the program of the Hegelian brand of religious reformers. It took nitrous oxide intoxication temporarily reducing his mental faculties in a particular way to grasp the Hegelian program as its proponents did.

The appeal of and the effect on idiots of particular idiocies is not always knowable to persons who are not idiots without their being lowered into idiocy through chemical or religious intoxication, and even then it may take a particular species of intoxication to grasp a particular species of idiocy. This mean that while the a person may recognize social engineering being deployed and even in cases be able to distinguish between hired and honest idiots, the mechanism by which the idiocy attaches to honest idiots being socially engineered is elusive and is treated as a black box.

Problema 1

The Hegelian wave which seems to me only another desperate attempt to make a short cut to paradise, is deluging the College this year and will, if I am not mistaken, completely sterilize its votaries.5

The populist form of Hegelianism offered academics at Harvard all of the structure of a religious social program without the theological particulars that made other religious reform programs divisive. The popular Hegelian dialectic of:

  1. Thesis and Antithesis
  2. ???
  3. Synthesis/Profit

Offered a structure for shaping social outcomes by culturing the appropriate polarization in disputes. Activists trained in methods derived from this tradition can be counted on to reliably attack by framing both poles of the debate they want to have as movements. This is why the activists at Mizzou focused on Tim Wolfe personally as agent capable of directing the University against them. This is why the social engineering attack on Bitcoin was framed as the duelling plans of XT and Blockstream but is framed as the duelling plans of "Classic" and "Core" now. Allowing foundational bedrock of any sort into the "debate" must be disallowed for the popular dialectic to work. The goal of the "debate" isn't for either side to win. The goal is a imposing any change at all between the poles in the debate, merely for the sake of having movement.

This is also why movements like the Oregon militia are presented as aberrations. Denying them the thesis-antithesis structure offered when building narratives for desirable activists is the social engineer's way of marginalizing their voices. Why would those for whom the dialectic offers a path to paradise offer the path to their enemies.

Since the St. Louis Hegelians colonized Harvard's mind there's only been 13 decades for America's "elite" to play with applications of the popular dialectic as a strategy to herd idiots.

Problema 2

Malicious stupidity, or malpidity, spread and cultured through the dialectic as a social engineering tool has effectively reduced English into a pidgin. Conversations nearly always happen in parallel, and only in parallel. People speaking English as a foreign language for purposes of trade are the only string still keeping the vocabulary of the English language from completely dissolving. The extent to which American academia's bought into the Hegelian idiocy is evident in both their rejection of the chance for an independent American intellectual tradition out of William James' legacy and why:

Although historical anachronism is always a danger in a revisionist approach, it does seem that James often was insufficiently aware of the importance of liberating social movements contemporary with his public life. … Nonetheless, as the generations of thinkers subsequent to James knew all too well, the individual is a social category, contexted over and over again by the swirling factors of institutional and communal history.6

William James, who operated one of the few actual campus "safe spaces" in the history of the United States when he offered his Harvard office without restriction to W.E.B. Du Bois to escape the endemic Yankee racism of Harvard, is in the revised history of American academic a person who was "insufficiently aware" of social movements. A campus full of Hegelians too absorbed in the dialectic's potential to engineer social outcomes to engage their Black American classmate as a human being because they hadn't thesis-antithesis synthesized it yet are history's heroes of justice, while the individual who did something is a villain for rejecting the Hegelian's path to paradise.


Insanity never changes.

  1. Richardson, Robert, D. William James In the Maelstrom of American Modernism. (2006) p. 211  

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  3. William James, "Subjective Effects of Nitrous Oxide"  

  4. There is substantial irony in the popular legacy of William James as a primarily religious thinker.  

  5. William James, Letter to Xenos Clark, December 1880  

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