TBI Mid November Update

Arrangements are being made to bring The Boingo ISP online in the first half of December. Here's the short of it:

  • Datacenter located in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Our connectivity will begin with a 100 Mbps dedicated connection to the rack
  • The price to rent a RU of space from TBI to home customer provided equipment is looking to be 61.615 USd weekly per RU or 267 USd monthly per RU on an annual contract
  • This has been arrived at by taking the cost of renting the rack1, breaking it into 40 rack units available for rent, and making the rest of the expenses fit into 2x that rate.
  • Fiat side organized as a Sociedad AnĂ³nima
  • Number Crunching continues
  • ~19,000 USd equivalent value expected to be spent between now and December 15th bringing TBI online as of the latest number crunching2

Miscellaneous Selling Points:

  • I sleep less than 2 km from datacenter
  • Thankfully VAT is not appearing to be applied to the export sale of services
  • I am happy to cooperate with all lords of the Republic on their own ISP efforts.3

Inquiries of all kinds are welcome while the number crunching continues.

  1. 5335 USd after 22% VAT 

  2. This number goes up by $priceofMachine for every machine customers would like TBI to supply  

  3. Being located in a Mercosur jurisdiction, this means that any lords with the patience to try cracking the nut that is Brazil are welcome to any assistance which may smooth their struggle.  

Qntra Style and Draft Content Guide

Please see: http://trilema.com/2015/lacessiveram-editor/

Now that Qntra has just a bit more than a year's worth of content behind it and processed a number of submissions, there's a more solid idea of just what Qntra is about. This guide is going to cover two subjects: the formatting of submissions and the content of submissions. The guidelines for formatting submissions are open to comment and effective immediately. The content guidelines are open for comment and will go into effect after there has been time for the dragons of #bitcoin-assets to mull them over. Continue reading

5 Days of qntra

So again this qntra thing I'm collaborating on is now 5 days old. Behold a chart:

Graph of traffic, to the moon

Now the numbers for traffic so far are modest, but… that uptrend. As Mircea Popescu mentioned when he gave the long form history and introduction, this is the sort of thing that takes time to grow into an anything of note. Here's a few other things to note:

  • 21 Stories over the 5 days. Of those I've only written 6, while Cazalla has been a beast with 15. I'm starting to hit a bit of a rhythm though with the writing so maybe I can catch up over the next few days.
  • AP Guide to News Writing

    We haven't been doing this long enough to call ourself "professionals" yet, but I'm at least shooting for working as a learned amateur.


  • Interesting stuff is in the works.
  • Also, notice where I put this post. I swear this blog isn't being abandoned.