The Trump Of Will: Yet Another Infinity War Review

Following Pete's recent dive into pop culture writing this seems necessary.

In the end there is a sunrise. Having rested after accomplishing his mission, our hero Thanos awakes and smiles. The proto-Republican1 man of will, to the extent Disney can produce one, carries the narrative started by so many Pantsuit propaganda flicks which came before, and imposes sloppily CGI animated adequacy on Disney's universe.

In a narrative universe full of Norse Gods2, Africans with laser spears, an alternative to Batman with better ideas on how to spend money on a battle suit, and several groups of literal pantsuit goons; Thanos stands apart. Our hero is simply a man of will. An alien man, but a man none the less. After his home planet was dessicated after ignoring his malthusian warnings of the imminent crisis which doomed it, Thanos began the had work of balancing the universe out of sheer force of will and saving unknown numbers of worlds from the fate of his own..

He hit gym, undertook the hard work of raising an army, and began the thankless work of saving planets from the cusp of crisis one at a time. Thanos would grindingly and heartbreakingly reduce each troubled planet's population by half at random3 and move on. The writers attempting to frame our hero as a villainous "Mad Titan" even concede the worlds saved by Thanos are much more prosperous than before being visited by the man with a burden. Beyond simple population reduction advanced theory advanced by the writers, one has to wonder how much more of the new prosperity results from the righteous fear Thanos instills in surviors that if they don't fix their broken cultures and make shit work Thanos could always decide half wasn't enough and make a return visit. Thanos is the necessary bogeyman these failing societies need to shape the fuck up.

From this premise established via flashbacks throughout the film, we may consider where in the story the film actually starts. Our hero has acquired one4 of six McGuffins which will allow him to impose his mercy on the entire universe through granting him, a common man God powers. Posession of the first McGuffin begins a race against time for hime to acquire the rest of the set before the kumbaya singing forces of Pantsuit can stop him to protect their socialist trafficking in lived Misery.

The films is a fun romp highlighted by the devastation of Wakanda, land of "We Waz Kangz" hoteps with laser spears in one of two simultaneous climactic battles. Despite setbacks, heartbreaking loss, and grevious injuries along the way Thanos triumps.

This is it. The Movie Universe is balanced and over. There can be no adequate sequel, and everything that follows must be revisionist fan fiction.5 The only resonable in-universe follow ups can be Thanos smiling while survivors of the balancing go about trying to suck less with stories focusing on smaller, lower stakes drama. This universe now has an active, heroic god to keep things from getting too out of hand.

Of all Disney's output these during the past 50 years full of repetative Afrocentic propaganda like "The Lion King" and "The Lion King 8: Black Panther And Yet Another We Waz Kangz Tale" while refusing to release True classics like The Song of The South; Thanos: Dawn of Justice is the most watchable.

  1. He lacks the sophisticated tools offered by a Wotronics  

  2. Aliens that narrative consistency demands were responsible for the dawn of white civilization through interbreeding with early hominids 

  3. His FUCKGOATS for quality randomness was not shown on screen. Given the importance Thanos places on the integrity of truly random culling, it has to be assumed sophisticated Wotronics were never developed by his culture placing their level of development behind that of The Most Serene Republic.  

  4. He acquires the first McGuffin offscreen by defeating a pantsuited Space Police Corps.  

  5. Disney already announced spoiled their planned, fanfiction sequel by announcing they would be making films with title characters like Spiderman who died in this film.  

Migracciones: A+++ Customer Service

Today was the uneventually big day where I finally had my appointment at Migracciones in order to begin getting the papers. The papers which would allow for deprecating the empire's set of papers without having a mature latino meatwot.

Pictured is the National Institute of Colonization, about a block and a half from Migracciones.

When I arrived, they had conventiently lost my appointment reservation. Thankfully I had my receipt from the Abitab where I paid for the Tramite in advance, or else I likely would have fallen into will call status waiting like the Dominicans. Instead I was rather promptly handed over to the services of una gordita, just young enough her skin had yet to suffer the coming damage weight accelerates.

For the price of making some eye contact and tossing a few smiles, she dug through my pile of papers and made things happen without the usual local obstructionism. My apostilled birth certificate? No need to find a "certified public translator" and that today was 7 days after the initial 90 days that automatic visa on arrival covers was not a thing asked about. I did however have to leave to to acquire a photograph of myself from a kiosk a block and a half away aptly named "Foto Carnet", and there are still other papers to be acquired1 before the application can be reviewed.

The next step is the Office of National Identification and in the near future2 a cedula of my own.

  1. A "Carnet Salud", One FBI Background check via INTERPOL, and three months of documents showing I have sufficient income to not starve here.  

  2. Apparently they need a week or so to print them  

Una Bandida Robo Mi Escalera De Cama – Un Historia Para Todos Edades

En la noche de Lunes me voy a dormir. A las tres me despierto. Tengo que hacer pipi. Alguien robo mi escalera! En este dormitorio solo chicas y yo esta noche. Es un juego muy peligroso que juegan estas chicas, robar mi escalera. Llamo por telefono y un voluntario de hostal toma una escalera de una cama de una chica para permitirme salir.

Despues de hacer pipi encuentro la escalera que falta. Una chica muy estupida movio la escalera y la convirtio en un toallero lejos de las camas. La proxima tarde las escaleras fueron atornillada a las camas. La noche pasada, nadie me robo mi escalera.

Google Trying To Bill Service Cancelled 5 Years Ago

Apparently when you are Google, you decide that 5 years after a customer explicitly cancelled a service1 to try billing for the same service as though the subscription was never cancelled by the customer. Surely this is just an error and not a sneaky attempt at generating some revenue while juicing the subscriber numbers for the investors.

First the juicy chunks of the header where it passes dkim for an origin.

ARC-Seal: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; t=1506423238; cv=none;; s=arc-20160816;
ARC-Message-Signature: i=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=arc-20160816;
ARC-Authentication-Results: i=1;;
dkim=pass header.s=20161025 header.b=gTpMJ/ux;
spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender);
dmarc=pass (p=REJECT sp=REJECT dis=NONE)
Received-SPF: Pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender ) client-ip:
Received-SPF: pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender) client-ip=;
dkim=pass header.s=20161025 header.b=gTpMJ/ux;
spf=pass ( domain of designates as permitted sender);
dmarc=pass (p=REJECT sp=REJECT dis=NONE)
DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; c=relaxed/relaxed;; s=20161025;
X-Google-Smtp-Source: AOwi7QAiOMgqBKRWWfh+3beO+6qpc2b8F7cW7+QXULy6q2cJ+FhDxycqg7esjxnYio1SxU/O2pBip7soR/e9hVCq44DMub8=

Tue, 26 Sep 2017 03:53:58 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 03:53:58 -0700 (PDT)
X-Notifications: XEAAAAFtRWQjzcIOZIwDLwmJHbzc
Message-ID: <>

And now Google's message of  "Fuck you, we're Google, pay us":


Payment failure: G Suite Basic for [domain name]


The last payment for your G Suite Basic subscription for [domain name]
failed. This indicates that there's something wrong with your payment

To prevent the suspension of all services for all users on October 3, 2012:

Contact your bank or credit card company to resolve the issue with your
payment method.
Go to your Admin console to retry or update your payment method and pay
your outstanding balance. If you couldn't resolve the issue, you'll need to
add a new payment method instead.

See complete instructions for fixing a payment failure.

Go to Admin console

The G Suite Team

© 2017 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you
about important changes to your G Suite product or account.

Now, if Google's billing apparatus is sending emails in September 2017 that are talking about October 3, Twenty-fucking-Twelve in the future tense because it failed to charge long expired who-fucking-remembers fiat cards… what is it getting away with charging? There could be some substantial lulz along this line, but probably nothing challenging the brewing discrimination lulz in terms of tort hazard to Google.

  1. One year before Snowden and two before there was a republic  

Social Justice Lawncare: (Agri)Cultural Marxism For the Collective Home Lawn

Your serial fanfiction journey has been interrupted to bring information to the people so that they may bring greater social equality to their collective home lawns.

  1. Fertilizing a collective lawn with nitrogen is forbidden as it encourages upwards growth in lawn grasses. Some blades of grass may grow more upwards than their neighbors and this deviant behavior must not be encouraged through nitrogen feedings.
  2. Fertilizing a collective lawn with phosporous and potassium is encouraged. A fertilizer regimen balanced entirely towards phosphorus and potassium corrects the historical priviledge which has favored grasses over other plants in the lawn.
  3. The only permitted grass seed is common bermudagrass1 as its west African origin makes it maximally unpriviledged. Bermudagrass is to especially be sewn in temperate and northern latitudes where it is maximally disadvantaged. So called "improved" varieties of bermudagrass are forbidden as they are oppressive attempts to suppress the natural cultural attributes of bermudagrass.
  4. In wet subtropical and tropical latitudes where common bermudagrass might be discovered to be relatively advantaged Xeriscaping with groundcovers disadvantaged by their inability to tolerate foot traffic or completely cover ground. These disabilities which prevent these groundcovers from completely living up to their names will be celebrated until Xeriscaping works!
  5. Arid subtropical and tropical latitudes are to be reserved for resettlement by once priviledged Bluegrasses, Fescues, and Ryegrass sods in that order as it represents their former priviledges. By laboring in drought to provide less priviledged grasses opportunity in better climates these grasses may make eternal reparations for their past unequalism.
  6. As the most priviledged grass of all Zoysia, particularly the "Emerald" Cultivar must be corrected with periodic applications of glyphosate as it makes other grasses feel very body unpositive.

  1. Commonly slandered by elitist pigs as "lawn cancer"  

Is So Unfair Cycle 1

"Life is so unfair," up on the hilltop called "hilltop" with a scenic view called "scenic view" James was tiring of Elliot's whining denial. It was always so unpleasant to see Elliot, that insignificant mouse. He always bitched about his lack of attention from girls and never figured out the gift sitting right in front of him.

"I am so sick of this unfair, I must insist on calling it unfair" For decades James held a secret from Elliot. Now that Elliot was approaching a breaking point, as his desperation he called the desperation built Elliot just do something rash and James knew events probably wouldn't break his way if he kept on waiting. For all James knew Elliot could do something rash like put aside his fixation with tall attractive blondes and give his virginity to a black girl.

"James how can you not care about this unfair. We are kissless virgins I call kissless virgins." Finally James had an opening to play his gambit so long in the making.

"Elliot, you do have the attention of a girl."

"James, I am too invisible and insignificant. This girl must be black, mexican, asian, or fat. Only tall blonde and attractive girls are worthy of my noble descent. This is the unfair of my kissless virgin James."

"Elliot, I AM a tall blonde attractive girl. You have my attention and after tonight neither of us will be kissless virgins." Elliot's eyes went blank like a goat's as his broken brain tried to process this declaration of James' he had already labelled declaration. Elliot's void of hopelessness from which he produced numerous utterances to James' silent annoyance had been silenced.

For most of his life James had loved and lusted after Elliot Rodgers. This love went unrequited as Elliot fixated on women, much to James' perpetual disappointment. However eventually when their schooling diverged James began crafting his plan to finally make small, weak Elliot his personal fucktoy. While Elliot's academic career kicked him down to remedial schooling so the schools could say they schooled Elliot, James academic career took him to advanced studies in cultural Marxism. All of James' classes, even ones with titles like "Practical and Theoritical Estoppels: Gustatory, Promisatory, and Predatory" eventually devolved into either gender studies or gender wars. Seeing the way the cattle in his class readily took to this programming, and knowing how utterly and thoroughly broken Elliot's thinking was James had to go all in if he was going to get to put it in.

"Elliot for as long as I have know you I have been a tall hot blonde woman, but you have been blind to this."

Elliot nodded. "James what does a vagina look like."

"It looks exactly like a cock, except bigger"

"and James what is under a vagina"


There was no change in Elliot's facial expression as he accepted this, though his anger was lifted.


The Theoretical Foundation of Social Engineering Practice

Not that long ago a problem was identified. Interest was expressed in an explanation of the problem. This is an attempt at the explaining.


To get to the root of how this problem is in the now, we have to go to a time before now.

Henry Brokmeyer, whose originating energy among the St. Louis Hegelians was now being felt everywhere in Cambridge, had his first exposure to Hegel around 1848, When Brokmeyer was a student at Brown Uiversity and Frederic Hedge was the Unitarian minister in Providence. Hedge had printed short but well-chosen bits from Hegel in his 1847 Prose Writers of Germany; Brokmeyer would have seen there Hegel's electrifying claim, a claim that also caught Walt Whitman's eye, that "the history of the world is the progress in the consciousness of freedom … The scheme is this: the oriental world knew that one is free [that is, the ruler]; the Greek and Roman world knew that some are free [the ruling classes]; but we know that all men, in their true nature, are free, that man, as man, is free"1

Time goes on. In 1858 Brokmeyer acquires a disciple in William Torrey Harris. These two men took the writings of Hegel and built a religious social reform movement out of Hegel's writing in much the same way many other religious persons in the American continent have done before and after them. Like some other religious reformers they managed to occupy local political offices for some time. Brokmeyer was Lieutenant and then acting Missouri governor. Harris was assistant St. Louis superintendent of schools.

After the war of Northern Aggression the Hegelians in St. Louis were sufficiently rooted that they would invite esteemed speakers of the time, like Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1867, to preach at them. This is not atypical behavior among religious reformers.

The philosophical program then emerging in St. Louis was a serious, extended, civic-minded effort to address the problems growing out of the Civil War [sic] and Reconstruction, and the destiny of of America and the place of St. Louis in it, by applying Hegelian thought  specifically Hegelian dialectic to them all

Brockmeyer identified the position of the American South as that of "abstract right"; the North's position he considered "abstract morality." The synthesis would be a new "ethical state," a new union emerging from the tragic conflict.2

In the 1870's this group of religious reformers migrated from St. Louis, the gateway to America's frontier to Cambridge, Massachusetts. There they set down roots at Harvard and MIT,  the gateway to America's political "elite".


Although I did not see it at first, I soon found that it was in each case nothing but the abstract genus of which the conflicting terms were opposite species. In other words, although the flood of ontologic emotion was Hegelian through and through, the ground for it was nothing but the world-old principle that things are the same only so far and not farther that they are the same, or partake of a common nature — the principle that Hegel most tramples under foot. At the same time the rapture of beholding a process that was infinite, changed (as the nature of the infinitude was realized by the mind) in to the sense of a dreadful and ineluctable fate, with whose magnitude every finite effort is incommensurable and in the light of which watever happens is indifferent. This instantaneous revulsion of mood from rapture to horror is, perhaps, the strongest emotion I have ever experienced. I got it repeatedly when the inhalation was continued long enough to produce incipient nausea; and I cannot but regard it as the normal and the inevitable outcome of the intoxication, if sufficiently prolonged. A pessimistic fatalism, depth within depth of impotence and indifference, reason and silliness united, not in a higher synthesia, but in the fact that whichever you choose it is all one — this is the upshot of a revelation that began so rosy bright.3

The popular is frequently intellectually inaccessible to particular individuals. William James personally struggled deeply with the concept of faith4 and similarly struggled with accepting the program of the Hegelian brand of religious reformers. It took nitrous oxide intoxication temporarily reducing his mental faculties in a particular way to grasp the Hegelian program as its proponents did.

The appeal of and the effect on idiots of particular idiocies is not always knowable to persons who are not idiots without their being lowered into idiocy through chemical or religious intoxication, and even then it may take a particular species of intoxication to grasp a particular species of idiocy. This mean that while the a person may recognize social engineering being deployed and even in cases be able to distinguish between hired and honest idiots, the mechanism by which the idiocy attaches to honest idiots being socially engineered is elusive and is treated as a black box.

Problema 1

The Hegelian wave which seems to me only another desperate attempt to make a short cut to paradise, is deluging the College this year and will, if I am not mistaken, completely sterilize its votaries.5

The populist form of Hegelianism offered academics at Harvard all of the structure of a religious social program without the theological particulars that made other religious reform programs divisive. The popular Hegelian dialectic of:

  1. Thesis and Antithesis
  2. ???
  3. Synthesis/Profit

Offered a structure for shaping social outcomes by culturing the appropriate polarization in disputes. Activists trained in methods derived from this tradition can be counted on to reliably attack by framing both poles of the debate they want to have as movements. This is why the activists at Mizzou focused on Tim Wolfe personally as agent capable of directing the University against them. This is why the social engineering attack on Bitcoin was framed as the duelling plans of XT and Blockstream but is framed as the duelling plans of "Classic" and "Core" now. Allowing foundational bedrock of any sort into the "debate" must be disallowed for the popular dialectic to work. The goal of the "debate" isn't for either side to win. The goal is a imposing any change at all between the poles in the debate, merely for the sake of having movement.

This is also why movements like the Oregon militia are presented as aberrations. Denying them the thesis-antithesis structure offered when building narratives for desirable activists is the social engineer's way of marginalizing their voices. Why would those for whom the dialectic offers a path to paradise offer the path to their enemies.

Since the St. Louis Hegelians colonized Harvard's mind there's only been 13 decades for America's "elite" to play with applications of the popular dialectic as a strategy to herd idiots.

Problema 2

Malicious stupidity, or malpidity, spread and cultured through the dialectic as a social engineering tool has effectively reduced English into a pidgin. Conversations nearly always happen in parallel, and only in parallel. People speaking English as a foreign language for purposes of trade are the only string still keeping the vocabulary of the English language from completely dissolving. The extent to which American academia's bought into the Hegelian idiocy is evident in both their rejection of the chance for an independent American intellectual tradition out of William James' legacy and why:

Although historical anachronism is always a danger in a revisionist approach, it does seem that James often was insufficiently aware of the importance of liberating social movements contemporary with his public life. … Nonetheless, as the generations of thinkers subsequent to James knew all too well, the individual is a social category, contexted over and over again by the swirling factors of institutional and communal history.6

William James, who operated one of the few actual campus "safe spaces" in the history of the United States when he offered his Harvard office without restriction to W.E.B. Du Bois to escape the endemic Yankee racism of Harvard, is in the revised history of American academic a person who was "insufficiently aware" of social movements. A campus full of Hegelians too absorbed in the dialectic's potential to engineer social outcomes to engage their Black American classmate as a human being because they hadn't thesis-antithesis synthesized it yet are history's heroes of justice, while the individual who did something is a villain for rejecting the Hegelian's path to paradise.


Insanity never changes.

  1. Richardson, Robert, D. William James In the Maelstrom of American Modernism. (2006) p. 211  

  2. Ibid p. 213  

  3. William James, "Subjective Effects of Nitrous Oxide"  

  4. There is substantial irony in the popular legacy of William James as a primarily religious thinker.  

  5. William James, Letter to Xenos Clark, December 1880  

  6. John J. McDermott. The Writings of William James. p. xi  

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