(American) Football Is Over

The mass of massive humanity that is the NFL1 was given a choice over this weekend. Stand with the divisive washed up has been Colin Kepernick and the least popular man in the United States, League Commisioner Roger Goodell, or reject them and stand in unity with the crowd yearing for 'Murica and Making a Great Again. As comedy before it went to the cancerous fags, so too follows the NFL capitulating to the same social engineers bullying it over the sport's concussions and masculinity.

RIP Handegg

October 19, 1873 – September 24, 2017

  1. National Football [sic, local spelling of Handegg] League  

A Rough Weekend for Missouri Sports

For Missouri sports fans there is a strong case to be made that the combination of events this past weekend constituted the perfect shit storm. The immediate emotional impact might be comparable to a certain event last decade, though there shouldn't be lasting collateral damage on par with the last event. In no particular order the events are as follows. Continue reading

NCAA Football: It's Week 4 Already?

Last year I tried to do this thing where I'd offer a few picks on theĀ  Saturday's NCAA Football games. It gets tiring and it's easy to get wrong. Also it is hard to recommend a good Bitcoin sports betting book where you can make a bunch of penny bets considering how often and destructively they've closed in the past. To keep the spirit of things up I'll just post a table of the bets I've made on Saturday's games. Continue reading

Content vs Metrics, Sports Edition

This is a tale of two sports Journalism outfits. The first largely deals in informative if exceedingly tame sports commentary while the other is a follows a template of clickbait and general emptiness which makes it generally worthless, to the point I only knew it existed yesterday. The first one just announced massive layoffs and is going through a "contraction". Continue reading

Bitcoin and Bowl Games

The St Petersburg Bowl doesn't have much of a history only having been a thing since 2008. In that history though it has managed to burn through two sponsors and is now sponsored by BitPay. Initially sponsored for one year by VOIP provider Magic Jack, the Bowl has been sponsored by Beef O' Brady's which is one of the worst franchise opportunities in the United States as judged by small business loan failures. Considering the price of a Bowl sponsorship and the lack of return it generates BitPay's latest funding round can't last very long with this burn rate.