Is So Unfair Cycle 8

As Elliot began putting on muscle tone, James began to become very hopeful for Elliot's recovery. James greatly increased the frequency with which he electrically milked Elliot's prostate because while Elliot showed no sign yet of still being inside his body, his body was strengthening. James could see no other possible cause for the healing happening in front of him. For James there was hope on every rope of semen he managed to extract from Elliot. James desperately wanted to recapture that fleeting happiness he shared with his Elliot before the tragedy that James was certain Elliot would have called the tragedy.

Is So Unfair Cycle 7

Not one of the horny fuckers even noticed that Elliot closed his own eyes. It was only for a fraction of a second and they were to busy penetrating invalid little Elliot, but for Elliot this was hope. Hope that he could carry out a new plan.

In an earlier more innocent time Elliot imagined he could have revenge against girls for cruelly rejecting him. Now Elliot had to have revenge against James for his prolonged cruelty against Elliot. James began going out more and when he came home he brought more men to fuck Elliot. The novelty of having his own half Asian Angel Baby wore thin and the guardianship agreement was only letting James spend so much of Elliot's money.  Baby had to earn his keep.

Elliot heard many men's names but only that of James, his ultimate tormentor was burned into his mind.

When James left Elliot would begin his preparation sessions. Still an invalid Elliot would Will until he could tense a new muscle. James could never know Elliot decided. No matter how much James reeked of Gin and Astroglide when he returned home Elliot could not let James know he was slowly becoming less invalid.

The seasons come, and seasons go. Time passes by, as the weeks become the months become the years.

By Elliot's twenty-second birthday he could wiggle his fingertips and his toes. Elliot could tense his entire upper body. Three months later Elliot was finally able to tense his calves, those were the last muscles. Elliot continued to remain absolutely still. His will held even as James' taste in men fell ever downward.

Elliot knew what he was doing was isometric exercises from a Charles Atlas booklet he ordered from an advertisement in the back of a gaming magazine. He'd ordered it in yet another effort to become attractive to girls, but as with karate he lacked the discipline to follow through. His captivity at the hands of James however became a sort of clutch, and the engine of Elliot's will now had a transmission.

Elliot thought he had nothing, and then he actually had nothing. Now Elliot had purpose. Revenge against James who so cruelly used and abused Elliot.

Elliot however remained non-verbal even in private, lest voice alarm James. Otherwise Elliot would now call his one purpose his one purpose. He resolved he would act on his one purpose the eve of his twenty-third birthday allowing himself to continue building strength and promising himself he would be free of James on his actual birthday.

Is So Unfair Cycle 6

Elliot seethed and raged inside the prison of his body which he would have called his prison body if only he could still do the calling things he called calling things.

It took some months before Elliot came to terms that the poking he wanted to call the poking was James having sex with his asshole. At first Elliot tried to convince himself the discomfort of the poking was just another one of the many medical discomforts that he had to endure. Like the tubes that went other places were uncomfortable, but even the catheter which Elliot despised did not garner the hate Elliot now held for James.

James had been using Elliot as a self warming sex doll for some months. Elliot willed that something else was the case, some days it was that this was just how he pooped now. Other days he willed that this was how convalescing members of the aristocracy were cleaned. Elliot resented the fact that James no longer pretended to be a girl, but he told himself that the kisses from James were fatherly in a way that his Dad was not and motherly in a way that was still better than Soumaya. At least James had seemed to care.

The day Elliot could pretend no more was the day James got brave.

James brought over the old friends from their WoW days. As Elliot watched in the general direction James and the friends whose names had been force out of Elliot's brain by his all consuming hate for James, James started boasting about Elliot in all the ways that those subhuman pigs who got the girls talked about the unfair ways they got girls.

He talked about how having Elliot around was like a realdoll except the realdoll moved more, but still ahving a warm place to stick his dick was nice. Elliot though he could hate James no more. Elliot's will had focus once again. And then things got still more unfair for Elliot.

James offered his Asian Angel Baby fuckdoll to the friends as a bit of recreation. Earlier, when James was alone with Elliot he had been gentle. Perhaps James suspected a bit of Elliot was still inside his fuckdoll and that Elliot would not approve. Gangbangs being as they are, machismo ruled amongst the young men and they made weak little invalid Elliot their dirty whore, and this time Elliot knew it.

With nothing left but will, Elliot was determined that James would suffer for his crimes against Elliot Rodgers of the most distinguished English aristocracy.

And then Elliot closed his eyes.

Is So Unfair Cycle 5

Life was so unfair for Elliot. He was now rich and yet could do nothing with his being rich, which he would call being rich if only he could.

After only a week of moving Elliot in James gave up on the being a girl business. Who, with a half Asian Angel Baby model of the British aristocracy needs to pretend. Not only could Elliot not reject James he was making James a fortune. James wiggled out only a measly half million United States dollars from the families of the girls for traumatizing him out of his transwomanhood no one else would settle and James didn't have time to go to court. At least not when Elliot was a tort goldmine. It didn't matter who James approached for their past crimes against his Angel Baby, as soon as their insurance company saw a quadriplegic in a common law gay marriage they settled.

As the months went on and James continued to milk Elliot's prostate with direct electric shocks something funny happened. Elliot's convulsions were getting stronger and he was putting on quite a bit of muscle tone. More than he had before those last girls were so mean…

Is So Unfair Cycle 4

What happened to poor Elliot was very unfortunate. The girl's declaration that Elliot and James were "fucking faggots" sent the two into rages for very different reasons. Elliot resented being called a faggot and James was angry zhe hadn't got to fuck Elliot yet. Having been acquitted zhe still hadn't got to fuck Elliot, not quite yet.

Poor Elliot had charged at the mean girls who had always been so unfair to him, hoping perhaps to push them off the ledge. James however had wheels where Elliot had only will. James grabbed a concrete park bench, the sort with some old Jew's family paid the park district to place and in exchange for keeping the park payola solvent the family got to place their late relative's name and picture in memoriam. James swung the bench into the melee not thinking to realize Elliot was part of the tangle. Two girls and one Elliot hit the ground. James rage grew hotter as zhe tamped each girl's head flush with the pavement using zher concrete memorial of murder.

The girls went on to the cemetery, their caskets closed the whole journey. James went briefly to jail and then to trial where he was acquitted for exercising prudent self defense according to California standards which account for hate speech. And poor, insignificant Elliot lived.

Elliot had been non-verbal since the incident. Elliot had also been immobile. Will truly was without wheels now.

James first swing of the bench struck Elliot's Atlas bone. These 18 months later the doctors were just becoming confident Elliot's autonomic nervous system was sufficiently intact to keep Elliot alive without machines. Elliot was even almost continent some days. There however was no medical hope that Elliot would move a muscle on his own volition again.

And so James came to meet Elliot's parents and their lawyer at the hospital in order to take guardianship over Elliot. James now had two weeks to furnish a residence that could accommodate Elliot's medical condition, and furnish James did. Only the finest leather swings and a massage table adjustable hospital bed hybrid perfect for buggering small weak little Elliot.

And thus life was so unfair to James. James not only won Elliot, zhe had won zherself the best possible Elliot for zher purposes. An Elliot how could never again reject James unconditional love for zher new Angel baby.

And Elliot never again called anything an anything.

Is So Unfair Cycle 3

James' lawyer addressed the crowd of reporters after being acquitted: "As the Jury affirmed my client acted purely in self defense against two bigoted transphobes. What happened to poor Elliot is a tragedy that could have been avoided if only James did not have physically defend zherself and zher partner against the words of these monsters."

James had just been acquitted of homicide. This being California the Jury also declined to convict under manslaughter charges. James was free to be.

Now just had to go to the hospital to see Elliot and meet with his parent's attorney.

Soon he would have everything.

Social Justice Lawncare: (Agri)Cultural Marxism For the Collective Home Lawn

Your serial fanfiction journey has been interrupted to bring information to the people so that they may bring greater social equality to their collective home lawns.

  1. Fertilizing a collective lawn with nitrogen is forbidden as it encourages upwards growth in lawn grasses. Some blades of grass may grow more upwards than their neighbors and this deviant behavior must not be encouraged through nitrogen feedings.
  2. Fertilizing a collective lawn with phosporous and potassium is encouraged. A fertilizer regimen balanced entirely towards phosphorus and potassium corrects the historical priviledge which has favored grasses over other plants in the lawn.
  3. The only permitted grass seed is common bermudagrass1 as its west African origin makes it maximally unpriviledged. Bermudagrass is to especially be sewn in temperate and northern latitudes where it is maximally disadvantaged. So called "improved" varieties of bermudagrass are forbidden as they are oppressive attempts to suppress the natural cultural attributes of bermudagrass.
  4. In wet subtropical and tropical latitudes where common bermudagrass might be discovered to be relatively advantaged Xeriscaping with groundcovers disadvantaged by their inability to tolerate foot traffic or completely cover ground. These disabilities which prevent these groundcovers from completely living up to their names will be celebrated until Xeriscaping works!
  5. Arid subtropical and tropical latitudes are to be reserved for resettlement by once priviledged Bluegrasses, Fescues, and Ryegrass sods in that order as it represents their former priviledges. By laboring in drought to provide less priviledged grasses opportunity in better climates these grasses may make eternal reparations for their past unequalism.
  6. As the most priviledged grass of all Zoysia, particularly the "Emerald" Cultivar must be corrected with periodic applications of glyphosate as it makes other grasses feel very body unpositive.

  1. Commonly slandered by elitist pigs as "lawn cancer"  

Is So Unfair Cycle 1

"Life is so unfair," up on the hilltop called "hilltop" with a scenic view called "scenic view" James was tiring of Elliot's whining denial. It was always so unpleasant to see Elliot, that insignificant mouse. He always bitched about his lack of attention from girls and never figured out the gift sitting right in front of him.

"I am so sick of this unfair, I must insist on calling it unfair" For decades James held a secret from Elliot. Now that Elliot was approaching a breaking point, as his desperation he called the desperation built Elliot just do something rash and James knew events probably wouldn't break his way if he kept on waiting. For all James knew Elliot could do something rash like put aside his fixation with tall attractive blondes and give his virginity to a black girl.

"James how can you not care about this unfair. We are kissless virgins I call kissless virgins." Finally James had an opening to play his gambit so long in the making.

"Elliot, you do have the attention of a girl."

"James, I am too invisible and insignificant. This girl must be black, mexican, asian, or fat. Only tall blonde and attractive girls are worthy of my noble descent. This is the unfair of my kissless virgin James."

"Elliot, I AM a tall blonde attractive girl. You have my attention and after tonight neither of us will be kissless virgins." Elliot's eyes went blank like a goat's as his broken brain tried to process this declaration of James' he had already labelled declaration. Elliot's void of hopelessness from which he produced numerous utterances to James' silent annoyance had been silenced.

For most of his life James had loved and lusted after Elliot Rodgers. This love went unrequited as Elliot fixated on women, much to James' perpetual disappointment. However eventually when their schooling diverged James began crafting his plan to finally make small, weak Elliot his personal fucktoy. While Elliot's academic career kicked him down to remedial schooling so the schools could say they schooled Elliot, James academic career took him to advanced studies in cultural Marxism. All of James' classes, even ones with titles like "Practical and Theoritical Estoppels: Gustatory, Promisatory, and Predatory" eventually devolved into either gender studies or gender wars. Seeing the way the cattle in his class readily took to this programming, and knowing how utterly and thoroughly broken Elliot's thinking was James had to go all in if he was going to get to put it in.

"Elliot for as long as I have know you I have been a tall hot blonde woman, but you have been blind to this."

Elliot nodded. "James what does a vagina look like."

"It looks exactly like a cock, except bigger"

"and James what is under a vagina"


There was no change in Elliot's facial expression as he accepted this, though his anger was lifted.


A Tale Of Two Papers

Today a Qntricle was published. Lets very unfairly compare how the Grey lady with a Rabbit Hat covered the story leading up to this while Joseph Pulitzer's own paper didn't really.

On May 19th Qntra and the St Louis Post Dispatch both report on Monsanto's embargo of Dicamba resistant soybean seeds to Argentina. The St Louis Post dispatch runs a wire piece from Reuters1 that talks about how Monsanto has serious opportunities in Brazil and generally the thing reads like a press release because it is. On the other hand Qntra reported the dispute including information on what Dicamba was and what it has to do with soybeans and Argentina.

On July 28th Qntra covers the emerging Dicamba Drift Disaster. The glyphosate resistant weed problem, the weather, and desperation of farmers to not lose too much money this year feature. The impending regulatory clusterfuck and torts are the star.

August 4th, Joe's paper catches up to Qntra on crop damage. The Post Dispatch piece's author asserts that Dicamba, born in 1942, is the future.

August 5th, Qntra reports tree stands likely damaged by Dicamba and doubles down on torts to come.

August 14th, Joe's paper catches up on tree damage telling the tale of one poor peach farmer, still underestimating the full scope of this disaster.

August 15th, All that's left to fill in are the details that follow.

Your loss, I'm very sorry for it.

  1. Incidentally Monsanto is headquartered in the Saint Louis suburb of Creve Coeur making this seem extraordinarily lazy on their part.